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WASPcam Tips & Tricks: Filming for Slow Motion

Ever wonder how people film those epic slow motion shots for their videos? Or simply want to make your edits more interesting by adding slow motion? We’ve got you covered!

Before you film:

1. Film in the highest fps possible
For WASPcam, this is either 30fps for the 9905 Wi-Fi, or 60fps for the 9906 CAMO and 9907 4K. Filming in the highest fps will give you more frames to work with later when you slow down the footage in editing.

2. Turn on anti-shaking
All WASPcam action-sports camera models have an anti-shaking setting. You’ll want to turn this on to ensure you get the smoothest footage possible, because once you slow the footage down, any shaking will become very apparent and could ruin a shot. This is also true for speeding footage up.

During Filming:

3. Use a tripod
As mentioned above, you want your footage to be as smooth as possible. Using a tripod while filming will greatly improve your footage.

4. If possible, film a couple of takes
You’ll thank yourself later when you’re editing if you take the time to film a couple of takes. Whether your first shot was too shaky, or you didn’t quite capture everything you wanted, filming several takes of the same scene can save you the frustration of having to reshoot again later.


5. Choosing the right editing software
There are a lot of editing softwares out there to choose from, and picking the right one for you can make all the difference. Most editing softwares include the ability to slow footage down, but some softwares will give you more control over this than others.

6. Don’t slow the footage down too much
There’s a fine line between the perfect slow motion edit, and an edit than has been slowed down too much. Slowing footage down too much can make it appear “laggy”, rather than looking like that cool slow motion action shot you were going for. We recommend slowing the footage down between 200% – 600% (or 2x slower – 6x slower).

7. When making a full action edit, less is more
Over using the slow motion technique is also a pitfall for action editors. If every other shot is slowed down, it begins to feel dragged out. Instead, pick one or two clips to slow down that will add an interesting element to your edit.

WASPcam TACT Product Update: Change Camera Noise Volume


Update Instructions
To ensure your WASPcam TACT is updated correctly, please follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Download The Camera Software
1. Click here to download the FW96655A.bin software update

Step 2: Transfer The Camera Software Onto Your MicroSD Card
1. Find the FW96655A.bin software update file in your downloads folder (or where you selected to download the file).
2. Drag & Drop “FW96655A.bin” to the main (root) level of your microSD card. WASPcam suggests using a completely blank microSD card.
(Click to enlarge)
3. With the camera powered OFF, eject the microSD card from computer & insert into camera.

Step 3: Installing The Update On Your WASPcam TACT Camera
1. With the microSD card inserted and the battery back in place, plug your WASPcam TACT into the wall charger via the microUSB cable.
2. The green LED light on the right hand side will begin to blink, this should last approximately 30 seconds (first slowly, then rapidly).
3. Once the update is complete, the green LED light will turn off. The WASPcam TACT camera will also turn on and off.
4. Unplug the camera from the microUSB cable/wall charger.
5. Remove the microSD card and format it on your computer. DO NOT try to use the camera without formatting the microSD card first.
6. Once you have formatted your microSD card on your computer, (follow these instructions for Mac / follow these instructions for Windows on formatting), eject the microSD card and insert the microSD card back into your camera.
7. Place the battery back into the camera, and turn the camera on.
8. Press the menu button twice to enter the camera’s setup settings.
9. Scroll down to page 3 of the setup settings, you will now find “Beep Sound” has been added to the menu.
10. When Beep Sound is highlighted, press the OK button to enter the Beep Sound menu.
11. You can now adjust the beep sound to 100%, 60%, 30% or off. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the options. Press OK to select an option.
12. Once you have selected on option, the menu beep sound, the shutter sound, and the on/off camera sounds will all be changed to reflect the chosen sound level. Be sure to turn the camera off by using the power button to save your selected settings. (Turning the camera off by removing the battery will change the Beep Sound back to 100% sound).

NOTE: WASPcam is not responsible for camera malfunctions resulting from the incorrect installation of the Product Update software.

WASPcam Tech Tip: TACT Menus


WASPcam Tech Tip Of The Week: TACT Time Lapse & Burst Modes

The WASPcam TACT camera has three different menus, video settings, photo settings and general settings.

The video settings menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button once while in video mode. The photo settings menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button once in photo mode. The general settings menu can be accessed in both video and photo mode by pressing the menu button twice.

The Photo Settings menu contains three different photo modes, ‘Capture Mode’, ‘Auto Photo’ and ‘Sequence’. Capture Mode accesses the TACT’s photo timer. The user can choose from Single, 3S Timer, 10S Timer and 30S Timer.

The Auto Photo (Time Lapse) mode allows the TACT camera to take a photo every 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. Once one of these are selected, the user can start taking a Time Lapse by pressing the shutter button. Press the shutter button again to stop the time lapse.

The Sequence (Burst) mode turns on the TACT camera’s photo burst. The TACT takes 3 photos in 1 second when in Sequence mode. Once sequence mode is turned on, users can active the photo burst by pressing the shutter button. (Note that the photo burst does not remain active, users will have to continuously press the shutter button to take multiple photo bursts)

WASPcam App Android Update

How to: Install the WASPcam App Android Update

UPDATE: The WASPcam App Android Update Is Now Available For Download From The Google Play Store

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.15.25 AM

Click here to download the WASPcam App Android Update from Google Play

Direct Download Method:

Before you Begin

1. Connect your phone to your WASPcam’s WiFi
(Click here for the “Connecting to WiFi” tutorial)

2. In your phone’s security settings, ensure “allow installation of apps from unknown sources”
is checked off:













Downloading and Installing the Update

1. Open the following link in your phone’s browser:

2. Click on the .apk file to be redirected to the downloadable file:















3. Download the app update:














4. Select direct download and hit “ok”















5. Complete Action Using Package Installer
(The App Update will begin downloading to your phone once you select either “just once” or “always”)
















6. Install the App on your phone:

Screenshot_2015-05-04-09-50-21Screenshot_2015-05-04-09-50-317. When the app finishes installing, click “Open”:














8. Your WASPcam App will now launch and begin connecting to your camera.
Once connected the app will be ready for use.