There is no difference between the WASPcam 9900 and 9901 action-sport cameras, except that a WASPcam 9900 package includes a Wireless Wrist Remote (that’s why it retails for a little more $). Same camera, same specs, same features, etc…

A WASPcam 9901 also connects with a Wireless Wrist Remote (part #9943) and customers may purchase a remote separately from their local WASPcam retailer. Enjoy!

9901 same as 9900

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  • Phoenix Friesen 8 months ago

    How deep can this camera go underwater? For scuba diving?

    • Danny Brault 8 months ago

      Hi Phoenix, a WASPcam action-sports camera, when installed into its Waterproof Camera Casing, may go underwater down to 196 feet. Thanks for your question!

  • Don A 8 months ago

    Is the wrist remote rechargeable or do you have to buy a battery for it?

    • Danny Brault 8 months ago

      Hi Don, the Wireless Wrist Remote isn’t rechargeable. You would need to purchase a new watch battery, if need be. Thanks.


  • What is the best or recommended memorie card to get

  • my watch wont work anymore. can you tell me whats wrong? i looked it up on youtube and i did everything but it doesnt work. it just flashes red

    • Danny Brault 5 months ago

      Hi Jay
      Your wrist remote battery may be dead … have you tried replacing it? A typical watch battery works with a WASPcam remote. Thanks.


  • Shawn 4 months ago

    does the 9900/9901 offer the watch live wifi feature of the 9902?

    Hi Shawn, the WASPcam 9900/ 9901 does not have the live video feed on their remote. It’s only available with the GIDEON and its wrist remote. That said, all 3 cameras – 9900, 9901 and GIDEON – connect to iOS and Android devices using WIFI, and after downloading the WASPcam App, you can record, view and share WASPcam files from your phone. Hope that helps!


  • Samer 2 months ago

    How deep can it go without a waterproof case?