Think you have what it takes to be a sponsored WASPcam athlete?
PROVE IT by filling out the WASPcam Sponsorship Application.


Eligible WASPcam sponsored athletes must:

  • Already own a WASPcam (include full name and Serial Number with application)
  • Currently hold a recognized sporting group membership (ie Racing License,
  • event registration receipt, club membership, etc.)
  • Operate at least one social media page
  • Participate in at least 6 events each year

Eligible WASPcam sponsored photographers / videographers must:

  • Already own a WASPcam (include name and Serial Number with application)
  • Own and operate a website or gallery
  • Manage at least one social media page
  • Attend a minimum of 6 events each year


WASPcam sponsorship means you get paid for your videos! Depending on a few factors, including number of WASPcams purchased, amount of videos uploaded and quality of video content, WASPcam sponsored shooters could receive up to $500 in credits towards WASPcam products.

WASPcams owned

Sponsorship Credit Earned Per video

Maximum Sponsorship Credit Earned per year




2 to 3



4 or more



WASPcam Sponsorship is available for one year, beginning the date of notification to each successful applicant. After that year has ended, sponsorship may be considered for renewal, pending review and approval from WASPcam staff.


To be eligible for WASPcam Sponsorship credits, each video must include the following:

  • Total video length of 1 to 3 minutes
  • Include WASPcam intro and outro video clips (WASPcam to supply)
  • Include at least one shot of WASPcam product / WASPcam logo within video
  • Include WASPcam logo on equipment, clothing and/or supplies
  • Videos are eligible for credit when shared on and over WASPcam’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

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