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Toll-Free: 1-866-997-5401
Email: info@waspcam.com

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Mailing Address:
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Ariss, Ontario
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Top Frequently Asked Questions:

Memory Card Specifications
Your camera supports up to a 32GB MicroSD card (SDHC class 6 or higher). We recommend using brands SanDisk or Lexar.
**If using 64gb card or class 4 card issues with camera will occur such as freezing, not recording, ect.

Why am I having trouble connecting to WASPcam Wifi?
For Samsung (Android OS) users: If having trouble connecting to WASpcam wifi, turn off cellular data. This will allow you to connect to the app.
NOTE: Samsung (Android OS) users with Lollipop OS or higher must download the WASPcam 5.0 app from Google Play in order to use the WASPcam App.

Can I use the Wireless Wrist Remote and WASPcam App at the same time?
No, the WASPcam App only recognizes one or the other devices to allow control.

Click here to view the entire WASPcam FAQ

9900/9901 Instruction Manuals
View WASPcam 9900/9901 English Instructions

View WASPcam 9900/9901 French Instructions

View WASPcam 9900/9901 German Instructions

9902/9904 GIDEON Instruction Manuals
View WASPcam GIDEON English Instructions

View WASPcam GIDEON French Instructions

View WASPcam GIDEON German Instructions

9903 JAKD Instruction Manuals
View WASPcam JAKD English Instructions

View WASPcam JAKD French Instructions

View WASPcam JAKD German Instructions
9905 TACT Instruction Manuals

9905 TACT Instruction Manuals
View WASPcam TACT English Instructions

View WASPcam TACT French Instructions

9401 P.O.D. Instruction Manuals
View WASPcam POD English Instructions

WASPcam Action-Sports Cameras come with a one year limited warranty, covering defects in material for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase. WASPcam customers can use the contact form below, or call 1-519-822-8400 to make a warranty claim.

To make a warranty claim fill out the contact form below, be sure to include the following information:
1. Include your name and contact information
2. Include which WASPcam camera model you have
(9900/9901, 9902/9904 GIDEON, 9903 JAKD, 9905 TACT, 9401 P.O.D.)
3. Include a description of the issue you’re having with your camera
4. Include photos of the issue you’re having with your camera (if available)
5. Include original receipt/invoice with date of purchase
6. Include size, class and brand of SD card you’re using in your camera

The WASPcam warranty team will respond to your warranty claim within 48 hours, and provide more information on how to proceed with your claim.

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Note: WASPcam is not responsible and will not cover any costs that may be associated with a defective return – all shipping/handling costs must be paid for by the purchaser.

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